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Maria Hillin



Originally from Moscow, Russia, I am from a family of teachers. My mother was an English teacher and my grandmother was not only a history teacher but also the principal of my high school. Languages, especially English, became my passion. I was fortunate to start learning English from an American teacher at the age of six. Later I was able to attend a French school to learn French, literature, and French history. Music school and dance were also an important part of my education with piano and chorus being my favorite lessons. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Public Relations. I am fluent in Russian, English, and Portuguese, with an understanding of some Spanish. I’ve always been physically active and competitive, so by my teen years I was competing professionally in triathlons and was considered a professional athlete. After my degree, I created and owned my own Events company for ten years. With my competitive nature and strong work ethic, I have always strived to be the best. After a lifetime of Russian winters, I decided to change my life and be closer to the California sun. My husband Daemon, is the President of Production for the Benetone Films US division, one of the largest Southeast Asian production companies. As a couple, we love to surf, go off-roading, cycle, travel, and live in Marina del Rey.

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