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Ben is tenacious and won’t put his head on a pillow at night until he feels he’s done his best job every single day.

-Bruce Makowsky, BAM Luxury Development

He is driven to get the best outcome for his clients

Ben is always available and had everything at his fingertips

-Dr. Barnet D. Malin, MD

Ben is focused enough to satisfy everybody to be able to make a deal

-Graham Bourne, Real Estate Investor

He believes that California real estate is undervalued and gets it

-Bruce Makowsky, BAM Luxury Development

He understands Hollywood and understands business

-Jacques Wertheimer, Insurance

I’ve never seen anyone use social media and digital marketing the way that he does

-Randy Phillips, Phillips Digital Media

He’s relentless

-Lynn Wertheimer

He can’t stand to lose

-Bruce Makowsky, BAM Luxury Development

If we had to do it all over again, we’d give Ben a call

-Dr. Barnet D. Malin, MD